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Item Name: Lap-Stitch Little Doodler Frame - DoodlinAroundDesign
Category: Stitching Aids/Tools
Sub-Category: Needlework Frames
Item Number: ISD LSMF
Price: $72.00
Color: Oak with Lacquer finish
Lap-Stitch Little Doodler Frame from Stitchery Design. The Little Doodler Frame is designed for the stitcher who works primarilary on smaller projects or for the stitcher who is looking for a second frame to work with. This frame contains 2 sets of rods, 9" and 12". Rods include fabric basting strips. Like the Original Lap-Stitch Frame, the Little Doodler Frame is designed to set on your lap or table allowing you to stitch without holding on to the frame or fabric. Evenly balanced sidebars allow for ease of stitching in all directions. The working area from top-to-bottom id 7". Can be expanded to 36" (individual dowel sets sold separately)

Color: Oak with Lacquer finish
Size: Approximate 9"L x 6"H

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