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WINTER  2017

Our Winter Class Schedule continues to be more flexible now. There will still be some SCHEDULED CLASSES, but for the person who wants to learn the basics of Cross Stitch, Linen, Needlepoint, and Punchneedle, we will try to schedule some MINI CLASSES that will be convenient for you. Mini Classes can berequested for day or evening. They will be a short “get started” session, a refresher class, or whatever you need to enable you to do the type of needlework you want. You just need to call (815-455-5470) and we will make it happen.


COUNTED CROSS STITCH - This class will focus on basic cross stitch technique. Kit included in class fee.
       Call 815-455-5470 to schedule.                                                                                           Class fee $ 10.00.


STITCHING OVER 2 THREADS - A mini class to learn the proper way to stitch over 2 threads on linen or

       evenweave fabric.  (Introduction to Linen Class offers more extensive instruction.) Practice materials provided in

       class fee.
       Call 815-455-5470 to schedule.                                                                                          Class fee $ 10.00


PUNCHNEEDLE - This is an age-old technique that is experiencing renewed interest. A Punchneedle is used to

       make loops that form a textured design. It appears to be a miniature plush rug. Fun and easy to do.

      CTR Punchneedle and a hoop are required, but NOT included.  Practice materials provided in class fee.
      Call 815-455-5470 to schedule.                                                                                         Class fee $ 10.00


BEGINNING NEEDLEPOINT - Learn the basics of needlepoint, including basketweave, continental and

       tent stitch. Practice materials provided in class fee.
       Call 815-455-5470 to schedule.                                                                                       Class fee $ 10.00




INTRODUCTION TO LINEN - Further your cross stitching skills by learning to cross stitch on linen. Project is a small

sampler stitched on 26 ct linen. Instructions and materials included in class fee.


Saturday         February 11            10:00 AM - 12:00 PM            $20.00
Saturday         April 1                     10:00 AM - 12:00 PM            $20.00




CURIOS - This impact piece is the perfect project to stitch during these cold winter months in northern Illinois. “Curios” is divided into 35 sections and stitched on #18 canvas. It measures 10” x 14” when completed, and 7 colorways have been chosen by Needle Delights. Choose you favorite color palette, such as subtle, vibrant, earthtones, patriotic, Southwestern, etc. Threads used are Caron Watercolours and Waterlilies, Vineyard Silks, Perle Cottons, Gloriana Princess Perle and Dutchess Silk, and a variety of Rainbow Gallery colors. Several new stitches, such as the Walneto, Jessica, and Helen’s Lace are included in “Curios” as well as the Rhodes, Bargello, Long Arm Cross. Plaited, Waffle, and Star. You will receive many “oohs” and “ahs” when people see this picture hanging in your home!

Wednesday     2/22, 3/29, 4/26, 5/24      6:30 - 9:30 PM      $60.00



WATER - This design, created by Kathy Rees of Needle Delights, is the second of four charts in the Element Series. “Water” is stitched on #18 canvas, and the finished design is 5.33” x 5.33”. Threads used are Gloriana Princess Perle and Silk Floss, Vineyard Silk, perle cotton, floss, Entice, and Silk Lame. Stitches include the Byzantine, Star Variation, Gobelin, Scotch, Mosaic, and Tent. This project can make the stitcher feel like being out on the waves on a warm, calm summer day. Join us for this class and have a new picture, pillow, tray, or box top when “Water” is completed.

Wednesday     March 15, April 5      6:30 - 9:00 PM      $35.00





Class fee must be paid at the time of registration to reserve a place. One week notice is required to receive a refund for cancellation. NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN WITHOUT ONE WEEK NOTICE. We reserve the right to cancel a class if the minimum is not met..

Class participants will receive a coupon for 10% savings on purchase of class patterns and materials.


Bring your completed CLASS piece in for custom framing and receive a 15% discount on the cost of the framing.



Birthday Reminder

Celebrate your Birthday with us
and receive a 15% discount
on your entire purchase
excluding sale items & framing.
(Valid the week of your Birthday)


Fiber Fanatic Clubs

Take advantage of more opportunities to enjoy the many wonderful fibers available for your stitching pleasure. Join one or more of our Fiber Fanatic Clubs to collect all the colors of your favorite threads. Clubs are ongoing, so start at any time.

Shipping is FREE!

Fanatic Fiber Club
Regular Price
Club Price
Silk Mori 12 ½ skeins/mo.
$ 22.00
$ 19.50
Gloriana Silk 5 skeins/mo.
$ 27.00
$ 24.00
Soie d' Alger Silk 6 skeins/mo.
$ 25.80
$ 23.00
Anchor Floss 24 skeins/mo.
$ 15.60
$ 13.75
Needlepoint Silks 6 skeins/mo.
$ 22.20
$ 19.75
Classic Colorworks 10 skeins/mo.
$ 25.00
$ 22.25
Sampler Threads 10 skeins/mo.
$ 25.00
$ 22.25
Weeks Dye Works 10 skeins/mo.
$ 25.00
$ 22.25
Watercolours 6 skeins/mo.
$ 24.60
$ 22.00
Wildflowers 8 skeins/mo.
$ 31.20
$ 27.75
Waterlilies 5 skeins/mo.
$ 33.00
$ 29.25
ThreadworX Floss 6 skeins/mo.
$ 24.60
$ 22.00
Belle Soie 3 skeins/mo.
$ 22.50
$ 20.00
Splendor Silk 6 cards/mo.
$ 22.50
$ 20.00
Vineyard Silk 6 skeins/mo.
$ 30.60
$ 27.25
Dinky Dyes 6 skeins/mo.
$ 24.00
$ 21.25
Soie 100/3 Silk 6 spools/mo.
$ 19.80
$ 17.75


Customer Appreciation Nights

On Thursday evenings from 5:00 - 8:00 PM, we will offer precut fabric at 25% off .


Shop Hours

9:30am-4:00pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday;
9:30am-8:00pm Thursday
9:30am-3:00pm Saturday

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